Code of Conduct of Horizons in Molecular Biology 2022

We want Horizons 2022 to be a safe space and a great experience for everybody. Thus, we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind - including but not limited to those aspects listed below. 


This code of conduct applies to all spaces of the event, both online and offline,  including talks, public or private messages and all channels associated with this conference.


By participating in Horizons 2022, you are expected  to follow this code of conduct. The organizers reserve the right to exclude participants from the event upon severe or repeated violation of our code of conduct.


Harassment Statement:

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment towards anybody taking part in Horizons, including but not limited to discriminating or harassing statements regarding the following aspects: 

  • Gender or gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Neuro(a)typicality or mental illness
  • Physical appearance or body size
  • Age
  • National origin, ethnic origin, race or nationality
  • Immigration status
  • Religion
  • Political opinion / affiliation
  • Pregnancy or maternal / paternal status
  • Marital status
  • Veteran status
  • The level of career
  • The level of knowledge in the topic
  • The level of the use of the common language (eg.discussions in English)

Furthermore, we consider comments like the following to be harassing and inappropriate: 

  • Any offensive criticism or attack of a person’s lifestyle preferences and practices 
  • Intentional misgendering, use of inappropriate pronouns or dead names
  • Using/ sharing any sexual images, gestures, emojis, jokes, stories, idioms, phrases, wordings, slang language, swear words, behaviours, voice recordings, videos, links (of web pages)
  • Unwelcome sexual attention 
  • Threats of violence
  • Any deliberate intimidation, offensive insistence
  • Sharing/sending any off-topic, inappropriate, offensive content.
  • Sustained and intrusive disruption during any event.
  • Any inappropriate insistence of social contact or pursuit of intimacy, especially when one side is not clearly consenting to this contact

What to Do in Case of Harassment / Violation of the Code of Conduct

If at any point at the conference you experience harassment, witness someone else being harassed or notice a violation of the code of conduct, please contact the organizers of the event (participants.horizons[at] You may do so stating your name or contacting us anonymously. We will not publicly mention names of people reporting misconduct or victims of harassment without their affirmative consent. We do, however, reserve the right to publicly name a person about whom we received complaints of harassment if we feel this is necessary to ensure a safe event. 


Even if measures have already been taken to disrupt the case of harassment, like logging out, leaving the chat etc. please contact the organizing team anyways. In order to create a safe space and good experience for everybody partaking in the conference, it is important that the harasser be reminded of the code of conduct. 


We reserve the right to exclude participants from the event definitely upon severe or repeated violation of our code of conduct.