Before the Symposium

Who can participate?

Our symposium invites applicants from all over the world. We would like to especially encourage the registration of Masters and PhD students, but undergraduate students and post-docs are also welcome to attend.


How do I register?

You can register for free by filling out the registration form.


I need to provide a letter confirming my registration to my university. When will I get one?

Please contact us to request an invitation letter after completing your registration. Please note that issuing the letter can take up to a week for organizational reasons, so plan accordingly. 


What are the different ways by which I can participate?

Everyone can attend the online symposium free of charge without submitting an abstract. We encourage participants, especially graduate students, to submit a poster abstract and participate in the virtual poster session (more information will be available). Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to apply to present your research in an Awarded Student Talk as well. Please indicate your interest in presenting a poster or a talk during registration.


What is Awarded student talk? How can I apply?

Authors of the best poster abstracts will be selected to present their research in the form of a 15-20 minutes oral presentation along with invited speakers of the Symposium. Only poster abstracts submitted before the deadline will be considered in the selection process. Only graduate students are eligible for Awarded Student Talk.


Do I have to submit my poster abstract at the time of registration?

Yes, if you want to present a poster, please submit it along with your registration data. You can find guidelines on how to write an abstract here. If you register after deadline, you can still attend all talks, but unfortunately, we will not be able to reserve a poster presentation slot for you.

During the symposium

How can I attend a talk?

The Horizons in Molecular Biology 2021 will be online. This year, the conference will be conducted in two different platforms: Bigmarker and Gather. The talks will be streamed via Bigmarker. The Speed Dating session will be done there too. The poster session will be done in Gather. To get accustomed to the platforms, please refer to How to Bigmarker/Gather.

How many people can participate in Horizons in Molecular Biology 2020?

We would like too keep the registrations open until last day, yet we might restrict the registration numbers, if we encounter capacity issues. 

Do I have to register for the Horizons in Molecular Biology Symposium to take part in the Career Fair?

Yes, registration for the whole symposium is required if you want to take part in the Career Fair.

Other questions on the Career Fair.


After the symposium


I need to provide a confirmation of attendance to my university. When will I get one?

Please contact us to request a confirmation letter after the symposium. You will need to have attended at least parts of the conference to be eligible. Please note that issuing the letter can take up to a week for organizational reasons.