Career Fair

Your PhD is the starting point of your career in science. But have you ever found yourself asking: what is a career in science? A Post-Doc and tenure track to become a group leader? A position in a big biotech company? What are my options? The answer is that with a PhD within the natural sciences, you have an ocean of options. Certainly more than two!  The truth is, during a PhD you will acquire skills and a mind-set sought after everywhere.

In this year's Horizons Career Fair we introduce you to ten speakers, all with a background in the natural sciences, who have chosen different career paths. These speakers represent various fields of science such as science communication, industry, startup and entrepreneurship, publishing, consulting, bioinformatics and biomedical data analysis, and scientific animation. Our goal is to present a broad range of possible future paths for our participants and to create an informal environment in which students can explore their possibilities after a PhD or Post-doc in natural sciences.

In addition, we give you the opportunity to learn in our workshop how to customize your CV for a job application in pharma, especially in the field of MSL. In a second workshop, you can learn about the "dos" and "don'ts" of building and nurture an effective scientific communication.

The Horizons Career Fair 2020 will give you a taste of what opportunities are our there and broaden you horizons!



Workshops 2020

In 2020 Horizons Career Fair offers two workshops on key skills for every scientist:

  • "Not Networking 101—Building Relationships for Success" by Joanne Kamens
  • “From PhD to MSL in pharma” by Martijn Bijker