Career Fair

The Career Fair is organized annually in conjunction with the Horizons in Molecular Biology Symposium which this year will last from the 10th to the 13th of September 2018.  As organizers of the 12th Horizons Career Fair, our goal is to bring together pre- and postdoctoral students from different molecular biology fields with representatives of fascinating career paths one could pursue. This year we have a very exciting list of speakers! Join us in listening about a wide range of opportunities and career paths one could pursue after obtaining a doctoral degree in Science.


Speakers 2018:

Marie-Laure Yaspo (Alactris Theranostics)

Adrian Schomburg (IMPRS Molecular Biology alumni, Proteros Biostructures)

Ben Glick (Snapgene)

Stephanie  Boue (Sbv IMPROVER)

Daisy Robinton (WandW)

Wolfgang Große (CureVac)

Maria Loidolt-Krüger (PicoQuant)



Not just the exciting talks, but grab the opportunity of attending a one to one session in the form of a workshop catering to specific fields:

"How to be more employable by industry" and "Telling better stories with the same facts" by David Giltner (TurningScience)

"Storytelling: Crafting Narratives to Share Your Science"  by Monica Feliu-Mojer (iBiology).