Career Fair

Your PhD is the starting point of your career in science. But have you ever found yourself asking: what is a career in science? A Post-Doc and tenure track to become a group leader? A position in a big biotech company? What are my options? The answer is that with a PhD within the natural sciences, you have an ocean of options. Certainly more than two!  The truth is, during a PhD you will acquire skills and a mind-set sought after everywhere.

In this year’s Horizons Career Fair, we introduce you to seven people who have chosen seven different career paths, all with a background in the natural sciences. In addition, we give you the opportunity to learn the dos and don’ts of research proposal writing and a chance to learn clever tricks to become a more confident speaker in two workshops!

Come have a peak through the opened doors and broaden your Horizons!



Workshops 2020

In 2020 Horizons Career Fair offers two workshops on key skills for every scientist:

"Not Networking 101—Building Relationships for Success" by Joanne Kamens

“From PhD to MSL in pharma” by Martijn Bijker