The Horizons Career Fair is a part of the PhD Student Symposium Horizons in Molecular Biology, which annually attracts hundreds of young scientists from all over the world. The Career Fair is open to public and serves as a forum to bring together graduate students and representatives of well-renowned life science companies and organizations.

Students can familiarize themselves with the key skills required for working in different scientific environments through presentations, workshops and talks offered by the companies representatives, science journalists and researchers. The Career Fair also provides a unique opportunity for participants to gather more information on companies they are keen on working at one day, including potential internships and job placements. Participating companies and organizations have a chance to get in contact with a large pool of talented and ambitious students who seek positions in the life science industry or want to know more about their individual career opportunities.

Overall, the Horizons Career Fair benefits both sides: companies and organizations that can attract future employees and costumers while promoting their products and ideas, and students who wish to gain more insight into alternative career options in life sciences.