Adrian Schomburg

Dr. Adrian Schomburg is the CTO of Proteros, a biotechnology company that discovers and develops novel epigenetic medicines based on disease relevant screening methods. Adrian oversees the target identification, validation and early drug discovery areas. As a project manager of collaborations with international pharma partners, Adrian aligns the project teams for joint and productive drug discovery. As a trained biologist, Adrian completed the IMPRS for molecular biology in Göttingen, followed by a master Thesis with Carl Wu at the NIH, a PhD with Wolfgang Fischle at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry and a research scientist role with Pfizer.

New ways of drug discovery: Between the big and the small

As an early stage researcher, ample opportunities for pursuing your personal goals exist both in the academic as well as the industry sector. However, this is not a black and white picture: The novel way of doing drug discovery research is highly decentralized. Big Pharma collaborates with biotech and institutions. Start-up companies pursue challenging and novel concepts to then acquire venture capital funding, partner with the big once or become acquired themselves. This talk will illustrate this novel “matrix” approach of drug discovery and highlights opportunities to position yourself – as an early stage career researcher – in this matrix.