Alfred Radauer

Alfred Radauer is Senior Consultant and authorised signatory (‘Prokurist’) at Technopolis Group Austria, a leading European consultancy for the public sector advising on innovation and research policy. Alfred specialized in the analysis of economic and policy issues of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). He has authored studies for and advised numerous public bodies like the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the European Parliament and various national and international ministries and funding agencies.


Notable assignments include an assessment of costs of a European bundle patent (for the EPO); a survey on patent licensing strategies of European firms; or – a still ongoing – an assessment of the use of Supplemental Protection Certificates (SPCs) that extend the patent term of pharmaceutical products. Alfred has been, since 2011, also valuing patents, as contracted out by the EPO, that are nominated for the European Inventor Award (EIA). Alfred is also teaching innovation and IP management part-time at the Salzburg University for Applied Sciences for students of business administration and SME management.

In his presentation and workshop, Alfred focuses on basics of IP and patent management in biotech and pharma firms. The presentation will put an economic angle on the IP topic, rather than a (purely) legal one. Questions that are being dealt with are: What are the basic functioning principles of the IP and patent system in the pharma and biotech sector? What are motives and strategic approaches to use patents and other forms of IP? What are downsides and challenges of using IP in the sector? What are on-going issues (e.g., second medical use patents; gene patents; etc.)? And what are the implications for persons being employed in the sector or starting up a company?