How to be More Employable  in the Private Sector

by David M. Giltner


Essential Habits  for a Successful Industry Career. Working in industry is very different than working in academia! An advanced degree in science or engineering gives you many technical skills that are valuable in the private sector, but this is only 90% of what you need to be successful. That missing 10% is very important, and it is not taught in university. 


Being successful in industry, either as an employee or an entrepreneur, requires understanding what behavior is rewarded, and developing new habits accordingly. 


In this seminar I discuss some important ways that industry is different than academia, and I use stories from my own career to illustrate exactly why these differences are so important. 


I will leave you with three important takeaways:

1. 4 important ways working in industry is different than academia

2. 5 essential habits that successful engineers learn quickly

3. 1 very useful technique for making difficult decisions and accelerating your career


Make these habits part of your daily working life and you will be much more employable and successful in the ‘real world.’ 

Telling Better Stories  with the Same Facts

by David M. Giltner


How do you make your post-graduate experience sound relevant to a hiring manager in industry?  Hint: Not the way you might think. 


Picture this:  You are sitting in an interview at the company that you have had your eyes on for two years. You are so excited about this opportunity to make your mark in the real world. The hiring manager asks you to describe two of your greatest accomplishments from your graduate career. 


What do you tell her to make her think "This is the person I need on my team!”?


Are you confident that you can tell a story to someone outside of academia that makes you stand out?


Many graduate students are good at describing their accomplishments to someone in an academic setting who understands their research. It's not so easy to make dissertation research sound appealing to someone from the private sector who knows very little about your research or the complex tools you know how to operate.


That's what this workshop is all about.  Come learn how to turn your experience into stories that will make you stand out from the crowd!