Rosa Veguilla

Dr. Rosa Veguilla is the Associate Director of Research Talks at iBiology, a non-profit organization that creates open-access videos to share the best biology with people throughout the world for free. At iBiology, Rosa oversees the video pipeline and video editing. She also coaches scientists as they develop research talks, writes associated web content, and manages iBiology’s Facebook social media account. As one of her passions, she develops educational material and resources for educators. Rosa earned her bachelor’s in Chemistry at University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras, and her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University. Before joining iBiology, she was a Preceptor at Harvard College and an Adjunct Faculty Professor at Harvard Extension School. She enjoys helping others to understand new concepts in biology and motivating them to love science.

Title: Breaking down the communication barriers in science


Science communication is critical for the future of science and it should be a routine practice for all scientists. Although the exchange of ideas is important for the advancement of science, learning how to become an effective communicator is not often part of a scientist’s training. At iBiology, we have created a platform where new advances in science can be shared with anyone. Our initiative tries to fill the gap between scientists’ research and the scientific community. From new advances in biology to providing a historic perspective of major discoveries, our integrative video pipeline allows the dissemination of scientific material for free. Science is moving faster than ever. As new technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 develop, it is the role of science communicators to educate the public and the scientific community. At iBiology, I combine my passion for science with the need to create a reliable source of scientific information that is portrayed in a way that people can understand.