Wolfgang Grosse

Dr. Wolfgang Grosse is a Scientist at CureVac AG, the company of mRNA people. We are fighting for human health by using natural mRNA as a data carrier to instruct the human body how to produce its own proteins to fight a wide range of diseases. At CureVac Wolfgang uses his passion for protein structure by working in the field of protein design assuring the desired function is achieved by the mRNA encoded protein in the rather early stages of projects. Wolfgang completed his diploma in Chemistry at the Philipps-Universität Marburg where he discovered his interest in biochemistry. He completed his thesis in the field of Ion-Channel Engineering in the group of Prof. Dr. Lars-Oliver Essen. Before joining CureVac in 2014 he was performing work in the area of expression and purification of G-protein coupled receptors in the lab of Prof. Dr. Horst Vogel at the EPF Lausanne.

CureVac – mRNA delivered as a message to the body to cure and protect itself from diseases

Despite the tremendous achievements in medicine in the last century there is still a lot of room for improvement towards current medical treatments, especially in cancer and treatments that are applicable in the third world. CureVac explores the diverse therapeutic possibilities (= Cure) based on revolutionary vaccination (= Vac) and therapeutic treatment based on mRNA. We use unmodified mRNA to give the body the exact information it needs to produce its own medicine, naturally and safely.

On the path to bring the first mRNA-based drug to the market many exciting tasks have to be tackled. Starting from the first proof of principle, over the development of robust and scalable methods towards the actual permission to produce drugs that might be administered to human beings and performing the clinical trials to prove efficacy. Together we manage that task and many different company units cover all aspects of this process on this incredibly potent technology platform.

We believe in the revolution of mRNA! We fight for human health, because it’s worth it!