Workshops 2022

Academic writing - How to create good texts

Dr.-Ing. Bartlett Warren-Kretzschmar from Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement, Berlin
Dr.-Ing. Bartlett Warren-Kretzschmar from Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement, Berlin

For many young scientists writing is the most difficult part of research work. Poor structure, breakneck formulations and unclear argumentation lead to texts which are not too user friendly. However, For the success of academics it is essential that the content is successfully conveyed to the relevant target groups. 


In this workshop the process of academic writing is highlighted from the first idea through the structuring and formation of the text to its completion. The participants engage with the content related, formal and organisational aspects of writing. The following topics are covered. 


Abstract, article, thesis: Text types and reasons for writing in academia 

From idea to text:

Topic selection, structure, argumentation 

Writing as a process:

Utilising creative bursts – avoiding blocks 

Academic writing: My next steps 



Transmutation - How to turn your SCIENCE into ART

Transmutation is the act of converting something from one form, or state of being, into another. In this interactive workshop, you will learn about the artistic method and how to transmute your research into a work of art. Mol Mir, an artist-turned-scientist, will lead you through the process and answer all of your questions.


How can you create artwork from your science without leaving behind the insight that should come along with it? How can you be smart in your choice of materials? How do you seek out feedback? How do you even get started?


Bring along an idea for a project or simply follow along with Mol. Please have some art supplies close by for this workshop.