Workshops 2020

Our workshops aim to improve soft skills and provide further insight into certain career paths. Participation in the workshops is free of charge. However, registration is required, as there is only a limited number of slots available. Please note that the workshops are scheduled in parallel with the Career Fair talks.

"Not Networking 101—Building Relationships for Success" by Joanne Kamens

The word networking has unpleasant implications for many these days. Everyone says it is important but no one tells you how to do it.  This workshop is designed to reintroduce you to how strong professional relationships are necessary for most people to succeed in their careers. It will provide practical tools for meeting people and for nurturing new and established connections.

“From PhD to MSL in pharma” by Martijn Bijker

Most aspiring MSLs struggle to get into an MSL role in pharma and their CV is often rejected by recruiters and hiring managers telling them they “don’t have MSL experience”. This can be frustrating as you wonder “how can you get MSL experience when no one wants to hire you for an MSL role?”. 


Every MSL started his/her career without having any MSL experience. Getting this rejection is a nice way of them saying, “your CV looks like you are applying to a postdoc role and you seriously have NO clue what an MSL is all about”. When moving across a new industry (from academia into the pharmaceutical industry), you should not look backward on what you have achieved as a researcher. You will never hold a pipet again in your life. Rather, you need to let go of your past and look forward trying to match anything from the past with your future MSL role and try to know as much as you can about your future role and future industry to actually show them that you know the MSL role inside out without ever having done the role. That is when they get you in for an interview.


Remember, your CV will be judged in 30 seconds if it is worthy enough for them to read further. Kind of like how you read a scientific abstract and decide if you should invest your time on reading the full paper. If the first 10 lines of your CV is not interesting enough, they will say “NEXT!!!”.  In addition, your hard-worked CV ends up in the shredder. 


Let me walk you through the ins-and-outs of writing an industry competitive MSL CV.