Workshops 2019

Our workshops aim to improve soft skills and provide further insight into certain career paths. Participation in the workshops is free of charge. However, registration is required, as there is only a limited number of slots available. Please note that the workshops are scheduled in parallel with the Career Fair talks.

Fundamentals of Grant Writing with Angelika Hofmann

For a successful grant, basic grant writing principles are a prerequisite, as is clear scientific writing.  Learn to organize and compose your thoughts and apply winning writing principles within your next proposal through this workshop.  Participants will also hear about common mistakes to avoid and receive guidance on best practices and the review process. Key sections of a grant will be highlighted, and hands-on exercises will be included.  Emphasis will be on how to achieve maximum impact and success in grant writing with the reader and reviewer in mind.

The workshop is presented by Dr. Angelika Hofmann, Strategic Projects and Communications Advisor to the Vice Provost for Research at Yale University and author of two major textbooks on the topic: Scientific Writing and Communication – Papers, Proposals, and Presentations (Oxford University Press)  and Writing in the Biological Sciences (Oxford University Press).

Designing and Presenting a Scientific Talk with Deb Koen

Presenting your science in an engaging yet comprehensible manner, is a challenge most scientists face during the course of their studies and further careers. This workshop is designed to give you the tips and tricks of the trade, teaching you how to design and present a scientific talk. The workshop is given by Deb Koen, a career strategist and professional development coach. More details on this workshop will follow.