Workshops 2021

Communication & presentation in the academic context: How to be confident and persuasive

Whether small talk or academic subject presentation – the ability to present oneself adequately and to communicate one’s concerns effectively is a deciding factor of career related success in academia. With a few fundamental strategies for communication and presentation techniques it is possible to illustrate complex data in a context relevant way, to convince others, to win supporters and thus reach the respectively set goals.


In this workshop the participants engage with their personal communication strategies and

familiarise themselves with established presentation techniques. The workshop contents are:

  • Communication basics: Good communication presumes set goals
  • Presentation basics: Preparation is key
  • Everything under control? Dealing with difficult situations
  • Communication & presentation: My next steps


Transmutation - How to turn your SCIENCE into ART

Transmutation is the act of converting something from one form, or state of being, into another. In this interactive workshop, you will learn about the artistic method and how to transmute your research into a work of art. Mol Mir, an artist-turned-scientist, will lead you through the process and answer all of your questions.


How can you create artwork from your science without leaving behind the insight that should come along with it? How can you be smart in your choice of materials? How do you seek out feedback? How do you even get started?


Bring along an idea for a project or simply follow along with Mol. Please have some art supplies close by for this workshop.