How To - Big Marker

Here you can find some basic instructions in order to access and navigate our conference platform Big Marker, as well as how to use the chat platform during the webinar:


When following the link you got from the Big Marker invitation email, you will land on our Big Marker page. Simply register with the email and name you used for registering on our homepage. Once registered, you will see all the webinars listed chronologically. Simply click on the webinar you would like to attend. 


Once you clicked on the webinar, you will be redirected to the waiting room. Here you have the chance to read a small bio of the speaker and a summary of their current research. The webinar will be closed until the talk is officially started by the speaker her/himself. Once the webinar room is open, simply click on “Enter the webinar”.

The webinar window is split into 2 parts. On the right hand side you will see the moderator, speaker and the presentation of their talk. 

On the right hand side, you can find the interactive panel, with 3 available tabs:

  • Chat
  • Q & A
  • Polls

In the Chat panel, you can post any comments if you wish to interact with other participants present in the webinar room. The chat is public and therefore everyone can see what you publish. Please be respectful in your comments. 


On the lower bar, you can add your comment to the Q & A tab with Add to Q & A. You can Raise Your Hand with the little Hand icon. If the speaker or moderator asks a question, you can make yourself be noticed. 


With the @ you can tag other participants in the chat if you wish to reply to a comment made by them.

In the Q & A tab, you can ask questions concerning the speaker's talk. 


You can upvote a good question by clicking the Thumbs Up button. At the end of their talks, speakers can see the most upvoted questions and favor these to be answered.

Speakers can post polls, which will pop up on your screen. In the Polls tab, you can see the results of the poll.