Horizons 2020 - Panel Discussion

15th September 2020 - 17:00 CEST


The panel discussion has been organized annually as part of Horizons since its launch twenty years ago. It provides a channel for lively interactions between students and senior researchers in a less formal setting. Typically, guest speakers from diverse disciplines join the panel and take questions from moderators and the audience. The idea is to illuminate different aspects of the topic under discussion from various perspectives. Horizons strives to have a diverse range of speakers to guide us with their unique experiences. For the 17th Horizons in Molecular Biology symposium, the following speakers will join the panel:


• Richard Henderson

• Karissa Sanbonmatsu

• Richard Sever

• Erika Shugart

• Kristina Haase


Science: A Subscription to Sensation?

The publication of peer-reviewed research in scientific journals is how we communicate and share our science. However, can we trust all we read? The process of publishing a scientific study, from submission, to peer review, to the final acceptance of the article, is an opaque procedure riddled with bias. Furthermore, a large portion of publications are still locked away behind paywalls of subscription journals, making access to science a privilege. Open access journals and preprint servers aim to circumvent some of these issues. But, is the open access model sustainable in the long run? In the absence of peer review, are preprints truly accurate?


In the panel discussion, we shall talk about the problems in scientific publishing, an imperfect peer review process, the surge of preprint servers and the road to open access. With our diverse panel, we hope to gain some insight into their views and person