Poster Guidelines

Horizons 2020 Online Symposium Poster Session


This year Horizons will host virtual poster sessions which will follow the general guidelines mentioned below;


Poster Session


Poster presenters are expected to submit their abstract during registration until September 7, 2020. As a poster presenter, you will be assigned to one of the poster sessions, as they appear on the conference‘s schedule. A few days before the conference you will be notified about your allocated time slot and you will be asked to share an invitation link to a video call, where you will present your poster during the poster session. 


We strictly recommend presenters to use Zoom as the platform for virtual poster presentation, however if Zoom is not convenient for you please contact us regarding your platform of choice and inform us beforehand. 


Poster Gallery


There will be a gallery view of posters to help presenters advertise their work, where graphical abstracts and the titles of posters will be displayed on Horizons website prior to the conference (see guidelines on Graphical Abstract). Along with graphical abstracts, we will collect the invitation links/IDs to the Zoom meetings and they will be collectively displayed in the gallery for easy and organized access by the participants. 


Therefore we kindly ask poster presenters to send us the graphical abstract and invitation links/IDs to their Zoom session via email no later than September 10, 2020. You should send the email to and  include “Poster Session and Graphical Abstract” in the subject line.


Graphical Abstract


Apart from a written abstract submitted upon registration, you should also provide us with a graphical abstract before the start of the conference (deadline 10.09.20). A graphical abstract is a single panel image, which will be displayed in the poster gallery and advertise your live presentation. It should summarise the take-home message of your findings or ongoing research in an easy-to-grasp, visual manner.


A few tips:

● Organise the graphic from top to bottom/ left to right to facilitate easy understanding

● Make sure the biological context of your research is apparent at first sight (molecular organization/ subcellular localization/ tissue or cell type/ species...)

● Use text sparingly

● Use a legible font for labels (Arial, Times or similar) at 12-16 points

● Keep it simple, do not clutter up all of the available space!


Technical requirements:

● File type: PNG

● Size: 1800x3200 pixels

● Preferably in portrait orientation


Posters and poster presentations


The design of the poster is up to the presenter and the format should have common features of a scientific poster. Since the poster will be seen on a computer screen, avoid text-intensive posters and try to make them readable/visible to your audience. We recommend presenters to prepare a powerpoint or PDF presentation of 4-5 slides; each for one main section of the poster. 


Each individual session will be limited to 40 minutes, and in order to use the time efficiently keep the presentation short enough to leave sufficient time for questions.


Poster Prizes


As in the previous years, we will select the best poster of Horizons 2020 based on the presentation, design and the quality of the science. The awardee will receive a certificate along with a surprise prize.